How To Plan Your Wedding Day?

It’s the day you both have dreamt about to make it beautiful and it’s the way to prove your love and you both become one person. So why don’t you plan it perfectly and make it a day for everyone to cherish and not to pin point the finger at. There are thing you need to know and not miss. You shouldn’t miss it out and be more organized.

First thing you need to do is make the guest list, get the approximate number of guest you are planning to invite from both parties. When you have a count of the people then you can decide on what sort of a place you two are planning to have the wedding. It can be an outdoor wedding like a garden or beach wedding or maybe at a reception like a hotel.

If you are working according to an auspicious time get the wedding date fixed according the auspicious day and time ahead. And then select a venue and reserve the place by checking the cost for the hall and food.

Then it’s the food you have to select that means you have to pick a menu which will have a good taste in selection. And you should make sure how many people will be invited and give the hotel manager the amount of people you have invited and not to miss a person.

Then comes the photography, you should pick a photographer at your cost and make sure he takes the natural shots of you and of the event which he wouldn’t miss. If you are planning to give a thank you card ask the photographer whether he has printing services with high quality images for buy photo frames online so that before the event is over you can get the thank you cards printed to distribute it among the guests.

Now to entertain the guests you need to have a good band that will rock the day, it can be a DJ even or something that will perform songs at that day.

And it’s the time to decide your decorations you can choose flowers and table ornaments which would have a natural effect, you can even hire them and get a good florist to arrange the decorations. You can even have photos of you two to keep it at the wedding as a decoration and you can easily looking for printing services in Sydney if you can’t find the ideal photo frame you are looking for.

Make sure you have done the initial payments and have a notebook maintaining this plan and check it daily what you have to do next. These are some basic things you should organize nicely. And last but not least stay calm and composed during this whole process.